Commemorative medals from points of interest in CZ
From our production
Botanical garden Fata MorganaBotanical garden Fata Morganacoinage 474Botanical garden Fata Morgana
Fata Morgana, the tropical greenhouse is a modern construction with unusual “S” shaped ground plan which is embedded into the slope, which allows for terraced planting of displayed vegetation. The greenshouse expositions cover approximately 1750 square metres.
The Museum of Chocolate and MarzipanThe Museum of Chocolate and Marzipancoinage 473The Museum of Chocolate and Marzipan
The Museum of Chocolate and Marzipan is situated in the historical centre of the municipality of Tábor, established in 1420, being the seat to the radical wing of the Hussites troops . The Museum was founded in 2012 and opened on 5thSeptember 2012.
Guest house cottage VýrovkaGuest house cottage Výrovkacoinage 472Guest house cottage Výrovka
Guest house cottage Výrovka
Prague Botanical Garden - japanese gardenPrague Botanical Garden - japanese gardencoinage 471Prague Botanical Garden - japanese garden

In the southern part of outdoor expositions you can find e.g. the Japenese garden. This part invites to calm down and relax. Selection of plants and their placement has been adjusted to emphasize the grace of evergreen shrubs, conifers and deciduous trees; the changes of scenery during the turns of seasons are envisaged.

the National theatrethe National theatrecoinage 470the National theatre
he National Theatre is the prime stage of the Czech Republic. It is also one of the symbols of national identity and a part of the European cultural space, with a tradition spanning more than 130 years. It is the bearer of the national cultural heritage, as well as a space for free artistic creation.
ZOO Fantasy Golf Plasy -Suricata SuricattaZOO Fantasy Golf Plasy -Suricata Suricattacoinage 469ZOO Fantasy Golf Plasy -Suricata Suricatta
Fantasy Zoo and mini golf is about 19 klicks outside of PIlsen Czech Republic. It is well worth the time to visit. They have a Zoo as part of the mini golf with lions, tigers, monkeys, kangaroo,.....parrots.......o
National theatre - in memory of laying the foundation stoneNational theatre - in memory of laying the foundation stonecoinage 468National theatre - in memory of laying the foundation stone

Národní divadlo je reprezentativní scénou České republiky. Je jedním ze symbolů národní identity a součástí evropského kulturního prostoru. Je nositelem národního kulturního dědictví a zároveň prostorem pro svobodnou uměleckou tvorbu.

Botel AdmiralBotel Admiralcoinage 467Botel Admiral
Admiral Botel offers you romantic and comfortable accommodation in a central location between Vysehrad and Palacky Bridge, left on the Vltava river. Wenceslas Square and all major historical monuments are accessible within a 15-minute walk.
475 ks
89 ks
34 ks
27 ks
8 ks
7 ks
6 ks
Others: 113 ks
Chateaus: 82 ks
Cable cars and summits: 79 ks
Zoo and theme parks: 73 ks
Castles: 70 ks
Towns: 64 ks
Religious monuments: 63 ks
Museums: 51 ks
Restaurants and breweries: 37 ks
Monuments: 12 ks

Let me introduce the company CMQC , which is sol producer and distributor of commemorative coins of interesting places for which official commemorative coins are minted. Each coin is unique for each place; its appearance is always approved by the owner or keeper and can be bought only on the place.

Coins are minted for the places being interesting for tourists, such as castles, chateaux’s, churches, synagogues, observation towers, peaks, historical breweries, restaurants and hotels. The coins (made of burnished brass with 30 mm diameter and 2 mm thickness) often bear historical coats of arms, company logos, dominant views, and important years of human history...



Commemorative coins can be bought mostly in sales machines for 50 CZK or 2 EUR.On some places commemorative coins of old brass or white brass surface working are available for 80 CZK.Process of adding new places is continuously running.