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Labská Bouda St. Vitus Church in Český Krumlov Uherské Hradiště

The history of Labská bouda started in 1830, when a woman of great enterprise called die Blasse built a small shack of stones, ...

Location Two main dominants define the skyline of the Český Krumlov town. The castle tower symbolizes the secular ruling power ... The rich history of the royal town of Uherské Hradiště reaches back to distant past. Long before the place was settled, favorable ...
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Let me introduce the company CMQC , which is sol producer and distributor of commemorative coins of interesting places for which official commemorative coins are minted. Each coin is unique for each place; its appearance is always approved by the owner or keeper and can be bought only on the place.

Coins are minted for the places being interesting for tourists, such as castles, chateaux’s, churches, synagogues, observation towers, peaks, historical breweries, restaurants and hotels. The coins (made of burnished brass with 30 mm diameter and 2 mm thickness) often bear historical coats of arms, company logos, dominant views, and important years of human history...



Commemorative coins can be bought mostly in sales machines for 50 CZK or 2 EUR.On some places commemorative coins of old brass or white brass surface working are available for 80 CZK.Process of adding new places is continuously running.