Commemorative medals from points of interest in CZ
From our production
Muzeum Zlín - TatraplánMuzeum Zlín - Tatrapláncoinage 505Muzeum Zlín - Tatraplán
Muzeum jihovýchodní Moravy ve Zlíně má pro stálé expozice ve 14|15 Baťově institutu vyhrazeno celé 3. nadzemní podlaží. Expozice Princip Baťa: Dnes fantazie, zítra skutečnost představuje historii firmy Baťa od jejího založení v roce 1894 až do znárodnění československé části koncernu po druhé světové válce.
KunoviceKunovicecoinage 502Kunovice
The town of Kunovice is situated in south-eastern Moravia, in the south-western part of Zlínský District, about 3km to the south of Uherské Hradiště in the region called Slovácko.
castle Malenovicecastle Malenovicecoinage 501castle Malenovice
Malenovice is a castle located in the Malenovice part of the city of Zlin in the Czech republic. It was built in the second half of the 14th century.
Castle HelfenburkCastle Helfenburkcoinage 500Castle Helfenburk
Original castle founded by a noble house of Ronovci in the first middle of the 14th century was significantly extended and improved by a famous Prague arcibishop Jan from Jenštejn in the late 14th century.
town Hluktown Hlukcoinage 499town Hluk
Hlucium in Latin (derives from water flowing noisily) is one of the oldest settlements at the Czech Republic territory. It is situated in the area colonizing of which already in 2000 - 2500 B. C. has been proved by archaeological findings.
Source of the ElbeSource of the Elbecoinage 498Source of the Elbe
The journey along the River Labe (the Elbe), 1154 km in length, begins in Labska louka meadow. Its symbolical source, adapted to suit tourist needs, is located at an altitude of 1386 m a.s.l. as a stone centring with feed and discharge water, paved area and benches.
Zoopark zájezdZoopark zájezdcoinage 497Zoopark zájezd
Animals (for example caracals, monkeys and half-apes, chameleons, kangaroos, etc.) have been bred in the municipality of Zájezd since 1998. In 2006 we established the beneficiary association Zoopark Zájezd.
Uherské HradištěUherské Hradištěcoinage 496Uherské Hradiště
Uherské Hradiště is located in the southeast of the Czech republic close to the border with Slovakia in the histirical land of Moravia. The region is attractive owing to its landscape and rare species.
510 ks
98 ks
37 ks
27 ks
8 ks
8 ks
8 ks
7 ks
4 ks
Others: 131 ks
Cable cars and summits: 85 ks
Zoo and theme parks: 84 ks
Chateaus: 83 ks
Castles: 73 ks
Towns: 69 ks
Religious monuments: 68 ks
Museums: 57 ks
Restaurants and breweries: 42 ks
Monuments: 13 ks

Let me introduce the company CMQC , which is sol producer and distributor of commemorative coins of interesting places for which official commemorative coins are minted. Each coin is unique for each place; its appearance is always approved by the owner or keeper and can be bought only on the place.

Coins are minted for the places being interesting for tourists, such as castles, chateaux’s, churches, synagogues, observation towers, peaks, historical breweries, restaurants and hotels. The coins (made of burnished brass with 30 mm diameter and 2 mm thickness) often bear historical coats of arms, company logos, dominant views, and important years of human history...



Commemorative coins can be bought mostly in sales machines for 50 CZK or 2 EUR.On some places commemorative coins of old brass or white brass surface working are available for 80 CZK.Process of adding new places is continuously running.