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Museum of Chocolate and Marzipan

Muzeum čokolády
a marcipánu
Kotnovská 138
390 01 Tábor
GPS: 49.41278, 14.65806
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he Museum of Chocolate and Marzipan is situated in the historical centre of the municipality of Tábor, established in 1420, being the seat to the radical wing of the Hussites troops (More about the Tabor).

The Museum was founded in 2012 and opened on 5thSeptember 2012. Thanks to the support from the EU sources, the Museum is conceived majestically, being situated on the total surface area exceeding 1.000 m2. It presents the history of growing cocoa beans, processing them and making chocolate and marzipan. The Museum also offers its visitors to see the interactive exposition where you can see historical packages from all over the world, chocolate dishes and/or small boxes for sweets.