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Starý Smokovec

Starý Smokovec 38
062 01 Vysoké Tatry
tel.: +421 52 47 80 000



GPS: 49.1408323, 20.2215795
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Ride in the ground cable car with your family or friends to the ski tracks Hrebienok and SnowFunPark with many attractions. Go sledging from Hrebienok to Stary Smokovec on 2,6 km long sleigh track. The ski resort Jakubkova lúka is suitable especially for beginners and families with children.

The oldest settlement in High Tatras Starý Smokovec is nowadays the administrative centre of High Tatras. The Town hall is situated here, as well as centre of Mountain Rescue team, hotels, rentals, travel agencies.


The settlement is important transport junction with branch of Tatra electric railways and cable way to Hrebienok. In the settlement are centralized business net, affiliated branches of some banks, exchange offices. You can enjoy excellent water from springs, which are also the reason why actually Starý Smokovec was founded. The settlement under Slavkovský peak offers its visitors wide range of recreation opportunities, high-quality cuisine and great basis for difficult trips.


The oldest tatra tourist recreation settlement underneath Slavkovský peak, important starting place to reach the central part of High Tatras. The interest of local inhabitants into mineral water from Smokovec has its roots in "foggy" past. In the year 1793 a hunters cabin and hut of the owner of surrounded forests Štefan Csáky was build near to the springs. In 1797 had the settlement - first of its kind in High Tatras - function of resort. First development started in half of 19th century, when its renter Juraj Rainer (1800 - 1872) made Starý Smokovec accessible for wider social groups. In that times were built first bigger hotels, restaurants and also hydrotherapeutic device with constant medical supervision

The next growth of the settlement was conditioned by building of railway Košice-Bohumín (1871). As a dominant of Smokovec new Grandhotel was build in 1904 (according to project of architect from Guid Hoepfner). In the years 1947-1960 Starý Smokovec was seat of the settlement and the High Tatras district. In 1960 was again associated to the Poprad district. Since 1999 it has been again seat of the town High Tatras.