Commemorative medals from points of interest in CZ
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Coins box Leuchtturm HMBG CAPS 32

Glass coin boxes Leuchtturm corresponding presentation of your collection of rare coins.

Coins box Leuchturm MB CAPS 31

Coin boxes for lenses. Double protection for your valuable coins very easy removing coins price for 1 tray

Luxury box

exlusively box
Price 30 €
Price 17 €List price: 19 €
Price 6 €

Clear packaging coin in the capsule

Clear packaging coin in the capsule 30 pcs in capsule, in package 1 pc, fit to the album CMQC

Coin showcase Louvre

glass case offers a protect your coins and very elegant way to store them. Showcase \ou can fit on the wall vertically or horizontally. Simple handling thanks to Reach plastics and magnetic fuse. external dimension of 256 x 320 x 28 mm, 35 boxes for coin capsules

Coin Binder CMQC

A4 binder for minting commemorative, file includes 1 plastic binder 30 pieces commemorative of the excavation, the possibility of buying other plastic binders, the total capacity of 150 pieces of commemorative tunneling Vrátit úpravy
Price 0 €
Price 40 €
Price 4 €

blue plastic box

plastic packaging for coins capsule

from 10 pcs

Price 3 €
Price 1 €